At PMSG we take security very seriously, both physical and data. Our clients which include large private companies, FT100 and multi-national financial institutions require rigorous security measures and procedures, which has lead to PMSG implementing a perpetual critical assessment of existing systems and continual improvements.

Our premises are physically secured by NACOS fitted and maintained, redcare alarm and CCTV, along with window locks and bars, main door shutters and anti-ram bars on the main shutter. Internally offices, the server room and the warehouse are secured with coded locks.

Our main systems server is hosted and maintained by an Ultra Secure Co-location host based in a former nuclear command bunker. The host is ISO 27001 accredited and offers exceptional physical and data security, guaranteeing our service is live all day, everyday.

PMSG is ISO 9001 accredited, we have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, which we hope never to have to use. These include splitting clients stock between our 2 locations in the UK and the provisioning of a spare office in case of disaster at our main site.